Stop beating around the bush, life is difficult at times. But...

Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be. The key to a successful fitness journey in 2021 is taking control. You are in charge of your emotions, and you have a choice to take responsibility for how you feel. That’s where your fitness goals and the journey you take come in. You may want to feel better, look good, or even, just move more. Before jumping in, let’s identify some important steps in getting started on your fitness journey.

These four steps should help you approach your fitness journey in 2021:


Step One: Know your goal!

Decide on your goal and make sure it is important to you. There will definitely be difficult moments along your journey, so try not to be naïve as you strive for that goal. Accept imperfection and make sure your expectations are realistic.


Step Two: Making change!

Lose 10 pounds, sleep more, read one new book a month! Have you been repeating the same generic New Year resolution every year? Are you expecting different results this year?

Write down what it is you want. Make sure your goal is specific to your needs, don't do it for somebody else. Having great intentions doesn’t necessarily mean you will achieve your goals. Remember, a goal without a plan is just a wish. Plan and develop the steps involved in reaching your goal. This will allow you to reach new milestones within your plan and help keep you motivated on your fitness journey. 


Step Three: Does it stimulate you?

Have you found an activity that releases those feel good endorphins? This is an opportunity for you to be honest. You must search for an experience/activity you enjoy. If it feels like a chore you probably won’t last too long doing it. Do you enjoy exercise when... you do it with friends, play your favourite sport, or attend your favourite exercise experience? Whichever activity it is, Do it! Achieving your goals will be a lot easier if you’re doing something that makes you smile.


Step Four: One decision at a time…

It is easy to chase perfection from the moment you commit to your new goals. You will have to endure highs and lows along the journey. Always view your setbacks as an opportunity for growth, and take time to recognize your accomplishments. Each small feat is worth a celebration and will contribute to the long-term plan.

Ever hear of the snowball effect metaphor? This can be applied to the decision-making process. One good nutrition or exercise decision often leads to better ones, more often!

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